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Benefits of Electric Water Kettles | Brewing Tea | Capresso Water Kettles

Benefits of Electric Water Kettles

Electric water kettles offer speed, energy efficiency and safety. Capresso electric water kettles can boil water in nearly half the time as stove-top kettles offering not only a time savings but also energy savings. Electric kettles also offer numerous safety features such as boil dry protection which shuts the unit off when no water is detected, automatic safety shut-off when water has reached the desired temperature and shut-off when kettle is removed from base. Electric kettles also have heat resistant, cool-touch bottoms which allow for placement directly on a table or countertop for easy portability and serving.

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Brewing Tea

To extract the best flavor from your tea leaves it is important to learn the proper steeping temperature and time for the specific type of tea you will be brewing. Black and herbal teas are best brewed at boiling, 212F while green, white and oolong teas are brewed at lower temperatures. Each tea also has a specific amount of time that the tea leaves should be in contact with the water.

To learn more about tea and the proper brewing techniques click here: Guide to Steeping Tea (PDF)

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Capresso Water Kettles

Capresso teaC100 (#261), $99.99
Beautiful glass water kettle with 5 temperature settings.

Capresso H2O Pro Water Kettle (#276), $79.99
This programmable cordless water kettle is faster, safer and more energy efficient than any stovetop kettle.

Capresso H2O PLUS Glass Water Kettle (#259), $59.99
Glass Cordless Safety Water Kettle: faster, safer and more efficient than any stove-top kettle!