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Automatic Coffee Centers > Jura-Capresso IMPRESSA F9 Limited Edition

In celebration of Capresso's 10 th anniversary, Wolfgang Joenssen, one of Europe's best known industrial designers, who has also created the IMPRESSA F9, has taken this stunning looking product and created a commemorative Limited Edition.

Special materials like the 24 karat gold plated panels, the high polished ebony satin finish, and titanium coated goldtone accents dramatically improve the aesthetics and create a special relationship between the user, the occasion and the product while maintaining the functions of the original machine.

The IMPRESSA F9 Limited Edition

will be produced in a total quantity of only
555 commemorative, numbered machines.

Once the limited number is sold out there will be no additional production forthcoming.
Each Impressa F9 Limited Edition will be uniquely equipped as follows*:


  • Over 60 square inches of 24 karat gold plated metal alloy front panels. Panels are specially treated to protect the gold plating from steam and hot water.
  • Laser-engraved limited edition number from 001 to 555, concealed behind pull-out tray.
  • Middle panel: Lacquered high-gloss ebony sating finish with gold lettering.
  • Logo in goldtone.
  • Die-cast coffee spout and stainless steel grid finished in titanium goldtone.
  • High-gloss black operating buttons with goldtone imprints.


  • Dual Frother Plus installed
  • FrothXpress Plus included
  • Two Claris Water Filters
  • Six Cleaning Tablets

Special Customer Service

  • Special 1 Year Limited Warranty with free UPS two day pick-up and delivery.
  • Two free maintenance schedules within the first 5 years.


  • Special Limited Edition Commemorative Certificate.
  • Free Coffee Coupon for up to 6 bags (8.8 oz. each) of   Capresso's GRAND AROMA coffee beans. (Grand Aroma beans are specially roasted and blended in Switzerland for exceptional crema coffees and espressos. Your choice of Regular, Decaf and Espresso Roast.)


  • For each machine sold Capresso will make a donation of $50 to the charities "Share our Strength" and "Coffee Kids".

Availability / How to Order

  • The Impressa F9 Limited Edition will be available in September 2004 through a select group of Capresso specialty retailers and through this website. Please contact your preferred retailer to reserve your machine now.

Quick Reference Guide:

Download F9 Quick Reference Guide PDF

Instruction Book:

Download F9 Instruction Book PDF

*For all other technical information, please see the Impressa F9.

Select a Model:

Model #13212: $2,799.00
*F9 Limited Edition is only available for delivery within the United States  



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Limited Edition
milk frother, Electric water kettles, and hot chocolate at Capresso
Tea, Goldtone Filter, and Paper Filter at Capresso

Water Filter, Deliming Agent, and Decalcifying Agent at Caprsso
For more videos please check Impressa F9

PRODUCT SPECS: Name/Model #:
Impressa F9

Limited Edition:

Measuring Scoop
Video Tape (F9)
Cleaning Tablets
Claris Filters
Water Hardness Indicator

Weight & Dimensions
(H, W, L)
24 lbs.
13.6" x 11" x 17.1"

1 Year Limited Warranty
for Household Use

6 Months Limited Warranty for non-household use
UL Listed