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Automatic Coffee Centers > Jura-Capresso IMPRESSA S Avantgarde Models

The IMPRESSA S Avantgarde Line is available as:

IMPRESSA S9 Avantgarde
Special multi-coated Dual-Tone Platinum Metallic appearance. This striking metallic color fits perfectly in an environment with either black, white, stainless steel or chrome accents. Manual and automatic frother systems are standard (Dual Frother Plus and frothXpress Plus System).

IMPRESSA S7 Avantgarde
Matte black with Silver-Metallic accents and chrome plated coffee spout. This classic color combination is ideal for offices and in kitchens where black or white are dominant. Manual and automatic frother systems are standard (Dual Frother Plus and frothXpress Plus System).

Request a free DVD today at ask for S9 Avantgarde DVD.


A LA CARTE button: Besides the four pre-programmed buttons the S Avantgarde line features an à la carte button, which allows you to create your own cup size and strength just before brewing. Choose from 5 strength settings and dial from 1oz. to 8oz. in 1/2 oz. increments. Each cup can be set to a different combination without ever changing the pre-programmed coffee buttons.

Four beverage buttons and a rotary dial: Push any of those buttons and create the drink you like. Using the rotary dial behind the door you can override the coffee volume without changing the pre-sets. Or simply re-program all buttons to your liking.

Low noise design: Extremely quiet operation for grinding, brewing and discarding make the S9 Avantgarde one of the quietest Automatic Coffee Centers on the market today.

Never run out of beans: Never make a weak cup of coffee again! An invisible beam senses the amount of beans in the bean container and reminds you to refill before its empty.

The IMPRESSA S Avantgarde line features two independent stainless steel lined heating systems for coffee preparation and steam production. There is never any downtime between brewing coffee and frothing milk. All coffee and frothing operations are fully programmable. Two frother systems allow you "completely automated" or "manual controlled” steaming and frothing. The extra large 96 oz. water tank makes it the perfect machine for frequent uses. The illuminated coffee brewing area adds an elegant touch. The S Avantgarde line – in a class of its own!

Please click on the video clips to your right to watch the Impressa S9 Avantgarde in action.

Features and Benefits:

  • Push a button and the S Avantgarde starts frothing hot milk into your cups and stops by itself (using the frothXpress Plus system). Move the cup underneath the coffee spout, push one of the four coffee buttons and, without any delay, it grinds the beans, tamps and brews your coffee in less than 50 seconds...or vice versa! No more work, no more guess, no more messy clean-up.
  • Two step pre-infusion cycle moistens and conditions the ground coffee. Maximum flavor extraction with perfect crema topping.
  • Four automatic coffee push buttons (one cup-small, two cups-small, one cup-large, two cups large). Use factory presets for each button or customize each coffee button with regards to cup size and temperature. Adjust the coffee strength for the two 1-cup buttons. The machine will adjust the amount of ground coffee for the two cup buttons accordingly; great for office or light commercial use to ensure the correct amount of coffee every time.
  • Programmable coffee amount from xmild to xstrong (approx. 5 to 16 grams) for all 1-cup coffee buttons. For any kind of coffee from mild to extra strong.
  • Choose from two temperature settings for each cup button: normal or high. Some like it hot, some don't.
  • Programmable water amount for each cup button from 1oz. to 8 oz. per cup (max. of 16 oz. for the two-cup buttons). Produces espressos or long coffees exactly the way you want it.
  • Easily height-adjustable coffee spout (from 2.6" to 5.7"). Lets you brew into small espresso cups or in your special Latte Macchiato cups. You can even fill your 16 oz. commuter mug without spilling.
  • Cup storage space on top of machine with 50 sq. inch stainless steel warming plate. Preheat your cups for best results.
  • 96 oz. removable water container. Good for 60 espressos at a time.
  • Integrated professional solid steel conical burr grinder for consistent and aroma-saving grinding. Six settings allow you to adjust the fineness for all kinds of beans - from light to dark roasts.
  • 10 oz. bean container. Grind up to 40 portions of coffee before refilling.
  • Height adjustable separate hot water spout to produce a cup of tea or to transform your espresso into a Cafe Americano.
  • Hot water function is also programmable from 1 to 16 oz.
  • Separate funnel for pre-ground coffee. Use for decaf or flavored coffees.
  • 18-bar power pump with dual 1250 watt stainless steel lined ThermoBlock heating system. Fast continuous operation for that big party, the office or for light commercial use.
  • Unique CLEARYL Water Care System. Removes chlorine, lead, aluminum and copper for a better tasting coffee. A special organic additive removes almost all carbon and practically eliminates decalcifying.
  • Electronic CLEARYL cartridge change indicator makes sure that you always have the best water possible.

Energy Saving Modes

Choose from three energy settings, both heating systems always in stand-by for immediate use of the coffee or the steam heating block, or set the machine to automatically lower either the steam heating block or both heating blocks if you don’t use it all the time. This will save energy. Push any button and the S Avantgarde will “reboot” (heating up) in less than 20 seconds.

Dual Frother PLUS:

For frothing and steaming smaller amounts of milk (for one or two cups) the Dual Frother Plus is fast and easy to use. With two settings for latte (steaming milk) and cappuccino (steaming and frothing milk). Immerse the DualFrother PLUS into your milk pitcher and push the permanent steam button for immediate and continuous action. Push again to stop.

frothXpress PLUS System:

  • The frothXpress PLUS system helps you to prepare perfect cappuccinos and lattes cup after cup. It automatically siphons milk from the cold milk container, combines it with hot steam and delivers hot, frothed milk into your Cappuccino cups. Turn the dial to the latte setting and the frothXpress Plus will deliver hot steamed milk with very little or no froth for that delicious Latte.
  • Programmable! Using the programmable steam button (with auto-stop) lets you fill cup after cup with exactly the amount of hot milk amount you like. The result is always the same taste and no more frothing into a pitcher and no more wasted milk! Set the programmable steam button from 3 to 120 seconds. During frothing you can always stop or prolong the action. Either push any of the steam buttons to stop immediately or use the rotary dial (behind the door) to dial a longer frothing time.
  • Fill as many cups as you want then add your shot of espresso and serve identical lattes or cappuccinos.
  • Temperature control! For that extra hot Cappuccino or Latte move the frothXpress Dial from the 12 or 6 o’clock setting towards the 2 or 4 o’clock setting. This will increase overall milk temperature. Turning the dial to the 3 o’clock setting will completely stop the flow of milk. Only hot steam will come out.

Convenience, Monitoring, Appearance and Safety Features:

  • Two-line LED display dialog system. Gives you short, plain language instructions: "Select Product", "Fill Water", "Clean Unit" etc.
  • Choose from seven languages in the dialog system. English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch.
  • Illuminated brewing area. Whenever you push a button, two led lights will illuminate your coffee. The lights will turn off automatically if the machine is not used for three minutes.
  • Select from "Continuous-on" or "Auto-off" from 1/2 hour to 15 hours in one-hour increments. Makes sure the machine stays on as long as you want.
  • "Auto-on." The S Avantgarde turns itself on at the programmed time and is ready for your first cup. No need to wait for the 2 minute warm up in the morning. Just run a 10 second rinse cycle and brew your first cup.
  • Automatic hot water rinse cycle when the S Avantgarde is turned on and off. Cleans and pre-heats all
  • Automatic indicator when used coffee container is full. Used coffee container holds up to 16 coffee portions.
  • Electronic water level sensor will never let the machine operate without water!
  • Electronic bean sensor will never let the bean container completely run of beans. No more wasted cups of weak coffee.
  • Check how many cups of coffee you have made! Display can show number of cups brewed by button, how often you used the steam functions, how often the machine was cleaned and more. Keep statistics on a daily basis, if you want.
  • Select your display information: cup sizes in ounces or milliliters; time in AM / PM or 24 h version.
  • Five level water hardness selector. Set the machine to your water hardness (comes with a water hardness indicator strip). This function is necessary if you do not use the Clearyl water filter system. When using bottled water, the water hardness can be set very low. This will result in long intervals before decalcifying becomes necessary.
  • DVD with interactive chapters shows you how to set up the machine, how to brew coffee, how to froth, how to install the Clearly filter and more.
  • A handy Quick Reference Guide on water proof paper helps you to get started right away and lets you check almost all functions quickly and easily.
  • The detailed operating instructions give you more information and trouble shooting hints.
  • Complete with 1 Clearyl Water Care Cartridge, 2 cleaning tablets, one bottle with concentrated cappuccino cleaner, water hardness indicator strip and complete frothXpress Plus system including milk container and extra parts.
  • One year limited warranty, or up to 6,000 cups of coffee, whichever comes first. Warranties include free UPS ground transportation from and to owner (lower 48 states; Hawaii and Alaska have additional freight charges). Extended warranties available.
  • 1250Watts/120V/60Hz; 14"w, 14"h (fits under standard kitchen cabinets!) / 15.25"d; 26 lbs. To refill beans without moving the machine forward the clearance between kitchen counter and kitchen cabinet should be 18”. UL listed for household use.
  • Smart design front panel controls lets you place the machine in right corner areas.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The internal processor keeps track of all activities. The machine will inform you via display about all maintenance functions. The more you take care of your machine, the longer it will last. Certain procedures will not allow you to continue to make coffee, others let you continue to brew coffee but the message won’t go away until the function is performed.

  • Rinse, empty tray, fill water, fill beans are all functions that will stop coffee production.
  • Removing coffee oil build-up: After each 200 cups of coffee, the machine will ask you via the display to run a cleaning cycle (you can still make coffee if you don’t have the cleaning tablets handy). This 15-minute automated process removes all inner oil build-up. It’s easy, fast and fool proof. After the cycle, the machine resets itself and starts counting again (by the way: if you ever used thermal carafes for coffee or tea and you realized that the inside gets darker and darker, that’s the oil build-up. Fill the carafe with water and add one of those tablets. The next morning the inside of your carafe looks like new again.)
  • Replacing the Clearyl filter cartridge: If you use and activate this cartridge, the machine will remind you to replace it after 75 Liter (approx. 75 quarts) of water. Again, the machine lets you still make coffee. It takes about two minutes to replace and active the new cartridge.
  • Decalcifying: If you don’t use the Clearyl filter cartridge, the machine will remind you when it’s time to decalcify. Decalcifying intervals depend on the hardness setting of your machine. You can buy the decalcifying tablets from us. The procedure takes about 40 minutes and really cleans the coffee and the steaming outlets very thoroughly (it will take only about 3 to 4 minutes of your time. At each step it will beep and tell you what to do).
  • Cleaning the frother parts. Removing milk and milk fat. Nobody lets milk sit exposed overnight on the counter! When you froth and steam, little milk drop lets will stay inside the frothXpress Plus or the Dual Frother. You don’t have to take them apart every time you use them thanks to our new Cappuccino Cleaner Liquid (included). At the end of the day, just throw all the parts which come in contact with milk into a cup with 6 ounces of water and ad a 1/2 oz. of the special concentrate. All milk fat will be removed in less than 10 minutes (or just let it sit overnight). Never worry about bad milk smell and clogged frothing parts!

How Things Work:

Open the door and you will see a rotary dial with a black button inside. Push the button, until you hear a beep. The display changes to FILTER NO or FILTER YES. Turn the dial clockwise to access any of fifteen functions, like Water Hardness, Rinse, Temperature, Coffee Strength, Steam and so on. Once you are at the desired function, push the button again. That lets you access this function. Now you can change for instance the steam duration by turning the dial (e.g. from 14 seconds to 25 seconds). Confirm the new setting by pushing the dial. Then turn the dial until the display shows EXIT. Push the dial and return to SELECT PRODUCT. Now you are back to making coffee.

Instruction Book:

Download S9 / S7 Avantgarde Instruction Book PDF

Quick Reference Guide:

Download S9 / S7 Avantgarde Quick Reference Guide PDF

Recommended Accessories:

(available through your local Capresso dealer or through this website under accessories)

  • Capresso "Grand Aroma" whole bean coffee, Model #921
  • Clearyl Water Filter Cartridge, Model #64553
  • Cleaning Tablets, 2- (#1151), or 6- (#62205). Or 25- (#62535) pack
  • Decalcifying Tablets, Model #61848 (not necessary when using Clearyl Filter Cartridge)

Recommended Companion Products:

Infinity Conical Burr Grinder (to grind special coffees for ground coffee funnel), Model #560, 565

How To Order:

Click here for a retailer location near you. Or select model below to order online.

Select a Model:

Impressa S9 Avantgarde Model #13215: New Low Retail $2,299.00
Impressa S7 Avantgarde Model #13289: $1,999.00



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Adjusting the Grinder
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Using Pre-Ground Coffee
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Clearyl Water Filter
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Name/Model #:
Impressa S9A / #13215
Impressa S7A / #13289

Quick Reference Guide
Operating Instructions
Cleaning Tablets
Clearyl Filter
Cappuccino Cleaner Liquid
Burr Grinder Release
Water Hardness Indicator
Measuring Scoop

S9A: Dual Tone Platinum
Metallic with Chrome accents
S7A: Matte Black with Silver and Chrome accents

Weight & Dimensions
(H, W, L)
26 lbs.
14" x 14"x 15.25"

Lim. Warranty:
1 Year or 6000 cups

UL listed for Household Use