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Coffee Makers > CoffeeTEC (Model #471)

The only programmable coffee maker with built-in frothXpress system.

Quotes from the New York Times Article on June 13, 2001 by Amanda Hesser:

"...At the end of 1999, Capresso released a high-end model with the tight body and clean lines of a luxury car."
"...After testing the Capresso and Cuisinart, and two other models, one by Krups and one by DeLonghi, the winners and losers separated like oil and water..."
"...Any positive attributes of these first three evaporated as soon as I tried the Capresso CoffeeTEC."
"...The cone filter opens with a button rather than your having to wiggle it out of its slot. The water compartment is a separate
carriage with a handle for lifting it out of its cradle and carrying it to the sink (no more pouring water all over your countertop)... and it has an excellent milk frother, which turns milk into that tight, silky cream you seem to find only at cafes. The machine is solid, and all of its parts are well fitted. The thermal carafe has a matte steel vacuum-sealed container that holds 10 cups of coffee. It is short and fat, with a comfortable handle for pouring the coffee and a wide mouth, which makes cleaning the interior possible. And the coffee comes out at 186 degrees, just above the standard."

Features and Benefits

Coffee Maker

  • 10-cup (50 oz.) digital coffee maker. Enough for everybody.
  • Unbreakable stainless steel vacuum carafe. Keeps coffee hot for hours without reheating.
  • Unique carafe lid stays in the closed position during brewing process. Maximum heat and aroma protection while brewing. No need to close carafe lid after brewing. Carafe can remain on brewing platform.
  • Swing-out filter holder with GoldTone Filter, drip-stop and safety lock. Push-button safety filter for easy filling of ground coffee. Drip-stop lets you pour a cup of coffee while brewing. Permanent GoldTone Filter saves on filter paper.
  • New brewing technology. Brews 10-cups in under 8 minutes for more aroma and less bitterness.
  • Electronic 3-5 cup brewing selector. Makes sure that smaller coffee amounts are brewed at the correct temperature.
  • Digital, programmable clock with bright LED display, AM/PM indicator and 2-hour safety shut-off. Shows time. Lets you program the coffee maker to brew at any time.
  • Five signal lights for on/off programming, auto mode, 3-5 cup selection and "steam ready" indicator. Indicates the status of the CoffeeTEC.
  • Black housing with matte silver operating buttons. Easy to clean, contemporary design.
  • Removable water container with cup markings and two separate valves for brewing coffee and producing steam. Automatically fill water for brewing coffee and frothing milk, or…just fill water for frothing or hot chocolate (see videos "Hot Chocolate").


  • frothXpress instantly delivers hot milk and milk froth for up to 8 regular cappuccinos (32 oz.) at a time, directly into your coffee mugs or cappuccino cups. No frothing pitcher needed. Attach cold milk container to the frothXpress and turn the selector switch to steam. In less than 10 seconds, the electronically controlled steam pump dispenses hot milk and froth right into your cup. (see video "Frothing"). Add coffee and your cappuccino is ready.
  • The fastest way to produce frothed milk. Comes with its own 32 oz. cold milk container, which can be stored in the refrigerator. An adjustable valve lets you increase or decrease milk temperature.
  • Stand-by mode and 2-hour auto safety shut-off. CoffeeTEC will remain in stand-by mode for two hours after coffee brewing is finished so that you can prepare another cup of cappuccino during that time.
  • frothXpress for hot chocolate. Fill chocolate milk into milk container and turn to steam. Within seconds, you will have hot chocolate with rich foam on top.
  • Easy to clean (see video "Cleaning").

How Things Work:

The One Minute Cappuccino Act!
"You jump out of the shower at 7:00 a.m. 10 cups of piping hot coffee are waiting in a sealed double stainless steel vacuum carafe. Place your mug underneath the cappuccino spout and snap in the cold milk container, turn the switch and hot frothed milk is automatically dispersed into your mug, simply add coffee and enjoy it at 7:01! Bravo!"

Instruction Book:

Download CoffeeTEC pdf


"I bought your CoffeeTEC approximately one month ago. We keep saying that it's the worst thing we could have done since it makes it so much harder to get out of the house in the morning (we sit around drinking our coffee with frothed milk for way too long!) Anyway, great machine."
T.C., WA

"Our CoffeeTEC, well worth the price tag! It brews the best coffee we've had at home, and the milk frothing/steaming feature is wonderful."
A.V., MD

"NO way to improve on perfection!"
J.N., IL

"I just wanted to let you know that I purchased the CoffeeTEC a few weeks ago and IT IS THE BEST COFFEE I HAVE EVER HAD!!! Well worth $200.00!!! Way to go! Someone finally made a coffee maker worth the money!!"
N.D., CA

"Wanted to let you know that the Capresso CoffeeTEC arrived and we think it's wonderful. It looks great, it's well designed and makes tremendous coffee. It did not take long to become Capresso CoffeeTEC converts."
E., MN

"Just wanted you to know that the Capresso CoffeeTEC coffee maker is definitely top of the line. I am thrilled with it."

Recommended Accessories:

  • GoldTone Filter, Model #750.09
  • Size 4 Filter Paper, Model #1004.C
  • Capresso "Grand Aroma" whole bean coffee, Model #921
  • Extra Carafe to increase capacity to 20 cups or to serve regular and decaf, Model #4471

Recommended Companion Products:

  • Infinity Burr Grinder, Model #560 or #565

How To Order:

Click here for a retailer location near you. Or select model below to order online.

Select a Model:

CoffeeTEC (#471): $209.99



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