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Espresso Machines > EspressoClassic (Model #114)
and EspressoClassic Luxe (Model #113)

A great pump espresso machine with a stainless steel lined ThermoBlock and continuous steam output

Features and Benefits:

  • New Stainless Steel-lined ThermoBlock heating system prevents water from coming into contact with aluminum at any point during the brewing process.
  • Two regular sieves and one pod sieve are included for use with ground coffee or pre-packed coffee pods.
  • 18 bar power pump for authentic crema espresso.
  • Self-locking filter holder. Just insert and turn the filter holder until it clicks.
  • 40 oz. removable water container with self-closing valve. Refilling water is fast and easy for continuous operation.
  • Unique Dual Frother produces unlimited amounts of steamed milk for Latte or hot frothed milk for Cappuccino (see “How Things Work” below). The extra long steam nozzle lets you work directly in tall Latte glasses or in large capacity milk pitchers.
  • No downtime or venting after frothing necessary.
  • Separate high-speed hot water setting. Prepare a cup of hot tea in 30 seconds or add hot water to your espresso coffee to create a Café Americano.
  • Striking art-nouveau design
    • EspressoClassic Luxe, Model # 113 in black with mirror gloss chrome finish
    • EspressoClassic, Model # 114 in all black

How Things Work:

Dual Frother
This patented device is easy use and performs very well. The metal cylinder has two positions.

  • Steaming only; / Metal sleeve is in the “Up” position
    Only hot steam will be injected into the milk. This is ideal for a latte.
  • Steaming and Frothing / Metal sleeve is in the “Down” position
    The metal cylinder sits tightly on the black frother tip. Hot steam and air are injected into the milk. The air will swirl inside the milk creating silky dense froth on top of the milk, ideal for a cappuccino.
    Tip: If you have enough froth on top of the milk and like to have the milk hotter, just move the cylinder up. Steaming and heating the milk will continue without additional frothing.


To work properly, the black frother tip needs to be free of any milk deposits from earlier use. (To see the Dual Frother in action go the web-page for the Impressa S9 and please watch the video clip for “Frothing with Dual Frother”).

Instruction Book:

Download EspressoClassic pdf

Recommended Accessories:

(available through your local Capresso dealer or this website under accessories)

  • Capresso "Grand Aroma" whole bean coffee, Model #921
  • Durgol Decalcifying Liquid, Model #7510

Recommended Companion Products:

  • Burr Grinder Sensor, black, Model #553
  • Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Model #560

How to Order:

Click here for a retailer location near you. Or select model below to order online.

Select a Model:

EspressoClassic Luxe, #113: $199.99
EspressoClassic, #114: $169.99




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Name/Model #:
EspressoClassic Luxe #113
EspressoClassic #114

Water Tank: 40 oz.

Measuring Scoop
Dual Frother

#113: black with chrome accents
#114: black


Weight & Dimensions
(H, W, L):
9 lbs.
10.5" x 13" x 10"

1 Year Limited Warranty
for Household Use
UL Listed