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Grand Aroma Coffee Beans, Regular Roast
Combining the Italian tradition of selecting the finest premium beans along with the unmatched high-tech Swiss precision roasting, the Grand Aroma Coffee Beans produce the most extraordinarily smooth cup of coffee.

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Capresso Grand Aroma Premium Coffee Beans

A unique blend of premium beans, Swiss precision-roasted for a rich, smooth aroma with a velvety flavor. Nestled in the most southern parts of the Swiss Alps, just one mile north of the Italian border, the Capresso Grand Aroma Premium Coffee comes to life, combining the Italian tradition of selecting the finest premium beans with unmatched Swiss high-tech precision roasting. Grand Aroma creates a superb crema coffee or espresso when used with Pump Espresso Machines or Automatic Coffee Centers. Grand Aroma also creates delightfully smooth coffee when used with drip coffee makers. Each bag of Capresso Grand Aroma contains 8.8 oz. (250 g) of whole coffee beans. Grand Aroma Coffee Beans are now available in a set of 2 bags, 6 bags or 12 bags. Save up to 25% when ordering 6 or 12 bags!

Regular Roast:

Ideal for drip coffee makers and French press. The regular roast is a medium roasted coffee that is smooth and fruity with a rich, balanced flavor. If you prefer a stronger taste it is recommended to use the espresso roast for drip coffee makers or French press.


Ground or Beans:

Premium Coffee Beans

Country of Origin:


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