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New Way of Making Espresso | Features and Benefits | FAQ | Testimonials | How to Order

"The world's most convenient semi-automatic coffee and espresso/cappuccino machine"

The new simple way of making Espresso / Cappuccino

Capresso "Ultima" eliminates all the inconvenient steps of conventional espresso machines: no more complications with tamping, hot filter holders, or cleaning and rinsing of sieves. Just fill coffee to your liking (7 to 15 grams) into the machine, turn and pull the coffee lever down, and switch on the pump. Within seconds, any size espresso or up to 12 oz. of coffee are ready. The double coffee spout even adjusts to accommodate different size cups. Then pull up and turn lever to prepare the next round of espresso. At the same time the used coffee is automatically discarded into an internal container. Please watch the video clips to see for yourself how easy it is to make professional espressos.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic internal removal of used coffee lets you make successive espressos without a mess.
  • Make perfect crema espresso and cappuccino from the first to the last cup.
  • Fastest heating and frothing technology with patented ThermoCoil® and DualFrother.
  • Large 53 oz., removable water tank for more than 30 espressos.
  • Brews from one espresso to two 6 oz. cups of coffee at once.
  • Use your own coffee and fill one or two scoops into the machine.
  • Double coffee spout adjusts to any cup size.
  • DualFrother with two settings for latte (steam milk) or cappuccino (froth milk)
  • Instant hot water release for tea, soups, hot chocolate or cafe americano.
  • Indicator light for on/off thermostat, and when to empty internal tray.
  • 18-bar ThermoCoil heating/pump system for fastest heat-up time.
  • Video included How Things Work

Tamping (packing the coffee) is one of the crucial steps when making espresso. The Capresso Ultima does it by itself, all the time. Just fill your ground espresso coffee in the machine, and turn and close the lever. When you turn on the pump, the brewing chamber automatically seals itself so that all the water is forced through the coffee, resulting in wonderful, thick crema espresso with a wonderful aroma.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There are machines out there with pre-packed espresso pods and capsules. Isn't this even more convenient?
A: Pre-packed coffee is definitely very convenient. However, the cost of the pre-packed coffee is often two to three times higher than ground coffee. So, if you make 4 drinks a day, you spend anywhere from $250 to $350 more per year just on coffee. Pre-packed coffee portions might not be available in your preferred roast or flavor. Also, with the Capresso "Ultima," you can adjust the amount of coffee to the strengths you want.

Q: Can I make a regular cup of coffee?
A: Yes, we call it "Crema Coffee." Just put a large cup underneath the double pouring spout, fill one to two scoops of your preferred coffee into the brewing chamber and brew approx. 8 oz. of coffee. Pressured brewed coffee tastes completely different from drip coffee. The main reasons are that the brewing time is much shorter and flavor and aroma are extracted under pressure.

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"I am so pleased with my recent purchase that I wanted to write a note to tell you so! My wife and I owned and operated an espresso shop for 5 years and have been on a search for a home-style espresso maker for three years. We have been disappointed generally, with the units available. A week a go we purchased a Capresso Model #121, Ultima and are VERY PLEASED with the coffee it produced! Bravo... and kudos to your company!!!"
J.M., CA

You sent me a video and booklet to my machine Capresso 121 and I wanted to say thank you. I was having trouble with the machine and the booklet was great, but the video was excellent. Now I am able to use my machine and enjoy great mocha's. Thank you for all your help. You are great for sending me the items so quickly and I will never forget your kind gesture to help me out. Now I can enjoy my machine, like it was meant to be enjoyed. The process for making the mochas, teas, coffees or expresso, is easy, once you get the hang of it. Also, I learned how to pull the rub tip up and down to control the steam. Up at first to warm up the milk, then down to froth it. Thanks again. You are great!!!!!
I.R., CA

"I purchased this machine at Macys in 1999, and along with it the burr grinder model 551. I use these products EVERY DAY. The Ultima performs remarkably for a non commercial machine. It is convenient and easy to use. It makes beautiful crema. Much better than our last Gaggia. The grinder has been working beautifully too. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for such remarkable design and function."
F.N., MA

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How to Order

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Espresso Ultima #121: $299.99
(Regular Retail $400.00)


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