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The only pump espresso machine with a stainless steel lined ThermoBlock and frothXpress system

Features and Benefits

  • New Stainless Steel-lined ThermoBlock heating system prevents water from coming into contact with aluminum at any point during the brewing process.
  • Two regular sieves and one pod sieve are included for use with ground coffee or pre-packed coffee pods.
  • 18 bar power pump for authentic crema espresso.
  • Self-locking filter holder. Just insert and turn the filter holder until it clicks.
  • 40 oz. removable water container with self-closing valve. Refilling water is fast and easy for continuous operation.
  • frothXpress attachment with its own 32 oz. cold milk container automatically produces unlimited amounts of frothed milk directly into your cappuccino cups. Makes also wonderful hot chocolate in seconds.
  • No downtime or venting after frothing necessary.
  • Separate high-speed hot water setting. Prepare a cup of hot tea in 30 seconds or add hot water to your espresso coffee to create a Café Americano.
  • Striking art-nouveau design with chrome finish sets it apart from conventional espresso machines.

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How Things Work

The frothXpress system takes the guess work out of frothing. It automatically siphons milk from the cold milk container, combines it with hot steam and delivers hot, frothed milk into your cappuccino cups. The adjustable knob lets you control the milk temperature. Without delay you can add your espresso shots to create one or more cappuccinos. (To see the frothXpress in action and how to work with it please watch the video clip for the…).

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How to Order

Click here for a retailer location near you. Or select model below to order online.

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Espresso PRO #112: $249.99


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