Impressa F9, Impressa S8, and Impressa S7 at Capresso
Impressa F9, Impressa S8, and Impressa S7 at CapressoCoffeeTEC, Capresso CoffeeTEC, and Capresso CoffeeTeam at CapressoDigital Coffee Makers, Gourmet Coffee, and Specialty Coffee at CapressoCoffee Team, Burr Coffee Grinders, and Burr Grinder at CapressoBurr Grinders, Espresso Grinders, and Conical Burr Grinders at CapressoBest Coffee Grinders, Grinder Burr Grinder, and Coffee at Capresso
Espresso, Gourmet Coffee, and milk frothers at CapressoLatte, CoffeeTEC and Capresso CoffeeTEC at CapressoCappuccino, frothexpress, and frothxpress at Capressomilk frother, Electric water kettles, and hot chocolate at CapressoTea, Goldtone Filter, and Paper Filter at CapressoWater Filter, Deliming Agent, and Decalcifying Agent at CaprssoDescaling Agent, Charcoal Water Filters and filter at CapressoCoffee Makers, Coffeemakers, and Coffee Grinders at CapressoCoffee Pots, Espresso Machines, and Cappuccino Machines at CapressoCommercial Espresso Machines, and Espresso Makers at Capresso

How To Reach Capresso

Should you require further information or if particular problems occur that are not covered in this manual, please

  • CALL our toll free HELP LINE: 1-800-767-3554 Monday -Friday 9AM to 9PM and Saturday 9AM to 5PM Eastern Standard Time. Feel free to call at any time. If you are connected to our voicemail, PLEASE DO NO HANG UP. Leave your name, telephone number and when we can call you back. Please also leave the model number of your Capresso product if you know it (see bottom of product)
  • FAX us at 1-201-767-9684
  • E-MAIL us at
  • VISIT our website
  • WRITE to Capresso Inc., Customer Service, P.O. Box 775, Closter, NJ 07624


Do not send any product back to Capresso without a Return Merchandise Authorization. Call our Help Line for more information or send us an email so that we can send you specific instructions. Thank you.





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