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CoffeeTEAM S

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The first coffee maker / grinder combination machine with a CONICAL BURR* GRINDER! Just pour in the beans, program the time AND the amount of coffee to be ground… and CoffeeTEAM S does the rest!

For maximum aroma and flavor retention slow grinding conical burrs are the best solution. The angles and shapes of our conical burrs are cut by computer controlled robots to within 0.1mm precision (1/250 of one inch). Burrs are then hand assembled in their casings in Switzerland for precise fit. The multiple gear motor produces the slowest grinding action (<450 rpm) for maximum aroma retention. The same burrs are used in our Infinity Burr Grinders and in all of our Jura-Capresso Automatic Coffee Centers.

Feature and Benefits

  • The CoffeeTEAM S lets you program the amount of coffee you want to grind: choose from 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 cups and select mild, regular or strong. You can even program two completely different settings, one for manual operation and one for automatic operation. This way you always enjoy exactly the same coffee taste.
  • The CoffeeTEAM uses solid steel conical burrs (see Gallery), the same as found in our automatic coffee centers. The slow grinding of the burrs imparts minimal heat preserving more aroma than blade grinding. It also allows a finer and more uniform grind than combination machines with a blade grinder.
  • Four fineness settings for light to dark beans let you adjust the grinder to your preferred beans (the darker/oilier the bean, the coarser the setting).
  • Grinding and brewing are separated, keeping moisture away from the grinder. The CoffeeTEAM S grinds the programmed amount of beans directly into the filter. Then the filter automatically swings back and the brewing process begins (see Gallery and Video "Grinding").
  • AM/PM Programmable Clock/Timer lets you set the time when to grind and brew automatically.
  • The display shows the time, grind and strength settings (see Gallery).
  • The elegant, illuminated white-on-black display is easy to read.
  • Charcoal water filter removes up to 83% of chlorine and other impurities.
  • Electronic filter indicator shows when to replace the charcoal filter.
  • 10-cup (50 oz.) Capacity.
  • Special setting maintains aroma when brewing only 2 to 4 cups.
  • GoldTone Filter (size 4, conical) included. The conical shape is ideal for extracting maximum flavor. The CoffeeTEAM can also be used with size 4 filter paper.
  • Over 200° F brew and 180° F coffee temperature in glass carafe directly after brewing.
  • 2 Hour Safety Shut-Off will keep the coffee hot for two hours after brewing. Then the heating element will shut off by itself conserving energy and giving you peace of mind. The clock and all programmed settings stay on.
  • Use pre-ground coffee (without grinder) in case another kind of coffee is required (i.e. decaf or coated/flavored coffee; see Gallery).
  • Stop-and-Serve lets you remove the carafe while brewing to serve a quick cup.
  • Coated Non-Stick Warming Plate
  • Easy to clean (see video "Cleaning").

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How Things Work

Electronic Charcoal Filter Indicator
An internal counter registers how often you turn the coffee maker on. It assumes that it makes a pot of coffee each time the machine is turned on. After 60 pots of coffee the green indicator light starts blinking. Replace the charcoal filter and push and hold the filter button until the green light stops blinking and stays illuminated. TIP: Once the charcoal filter is wet, certain cleaning agents will diminish over time. Replace the charcoal filter at least every six weeks or when the indicator light blinks, whichever comes first. If you don’t use the charcoal system, push the filter button and the green light will turn off.

Programming the Right Amount of Coffee
You can get almost any strength of coffee from your CoffeeTEAM. Maximum coffee will be ground in choosing "10" and the "dark" cup and setting the fineness to the large dot. When filling the water container with 50 oz. (10 cups) of coffee it will give you a strong coffee. If you prefer an even stronger coffee, fill only 7 or 8 cups of water (35 to 40 oz.) into the water tank. If you prefer a very mild coffee set the grinder one or two levels below the amount of coffee you want to brew, e.g. set the grinder to "6" and fill the water tank with 8 or 10 cups (40 to 50 oz.).

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"I have purchased your Capresso CoffeeTEAM, the only thing I can say this is the best idea in coffee brewing ever. It makes coffee brewing consistent, which to a coffee lover is of the utmost importance"
A.D., FL

I adore my Coffeeteam coffee maker!!! It's perfect!! Thank you for making a product that is easy to use without 10,000 parts to clean after each brewing cycle!!! This is my second machine in 8 years. I tried the <other brand> product similar to yours and returned it to the store the same day! I was so disgusted with it. I didn’t want it in my home! After brewing on the <other brand> the clean up of all the separate components was like putting a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle together, all I wanted was a great cup of coffee in my home! Thanks to your product I have that now!!!
K.P., TN

"The only suggestion I have is to change the name from CoffeeTEAM to CoffeeDREAM!"
P.R., CT

"It was previously unimaginable to me that a coffee maker could make such a huge difference in quality. The only downside to the CoffeeTEAM is that now almost every cup of coffee I get in restaurants just tastes terrible."
M.B., CO

"Keep up the great work on your product and you could single-handedly take coffee drinking to a new high."
S.C., MN

"THIS IS THE BEST TASTING COFFEE I HAVE EVER HAD "HOMEMADE"! Thank you for striving to provide us lovers with the best."
H.L., WI

"Mornings are wonderful again!"
J.D., OH

"Just purchased the CoffeeTEAM. Best investment we have made in a coffee machine. I have tried many coffee makers but yours is the best. Thank you for the great product."
K., NH

"Have always grind our own beans, but this is much better - makes a great "HOT' cup of coffee"
P.S., CA

"I wonder how many families can say 75% of their siblings own a Capresso CoffeeTEAM. It all started two years ago when my husband gave me one for Christmas - since then 2 of his 3 brothers have purchased one and we all love it."

"I had no doubts that the hype about the TEAM was exactly that - a load of Madison Avenue propaganda. I bought the machine to replace my "other brand" - and expected no difference. WRONG! Coffee tastes better - Capresso Hype is really understated - You have a lifetime customer and admirer."
S.K., FL

"All five of our children are receiving CoffeeTEAM for Christmas this year."

"We thought we were just destined to deal with mediocre coffee tastes until we came across the Capresso."
C.R., FL

"You people just created the coolest alarm clock in the world! My buzzer alarm clock is going right in the trash and CoffeeTEAM will now grace my nightstand."

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How To Order

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CoffeeTEAM S #454: $199.99


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