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Jura-Capresso, Inc.

Jura-Capresso Inc. is the result of a merger of Capresso Inc. and Jura-Capresso LLC. The new company represents Fully Automatic Coffee Centers under the brand Jura-Capresso and innovative coffee makers, coffee grinders, espresso machines as well as water kettles under the brand Capresso.

Capresso was founded in 1994 to provide innovative coffee equipment for those who want the best. Over the years Capresso products have received numerous design and performance awards. Coffee makers like the CoffeeTEAM and the MT500 have set new standards in coffee taste, convenience and design.  

Jura AG was founded in 1931 in Switzerland. Today Jura offers the finest Automatic Coffee Centers worldwide. With innovative and user friendly features such as One Touch Cappuccino buttons, easy to read multi-language LED displays, space and energy saving innovations, the IMPRESSA and ENA models offer a level of sophistication and high-end design not found anywhere else today.

The Best Machine / No Compromise
Every day more Americans discover the better taste and aroma of high-pressure-brewed coffee. Our Automatic Coffee Centers deliver high-pressure brewed coffee consistently better and fresher than in most American coffee bars. With the push of a button you can prepare a multitude of authentic coffee beverages. According to coffee experts high pressure brewed coffee extracts more flavor and aroma than any other coffee brewing technique. Our products are targeted towards the sophisticated coffee drinker. We don’t compromise. We concentrate on what we know is the best solution for the true coffee lover.

Patented Designs / Advanced Technology / High Quality
Through new, patented designs, we make our machines easy to use and easy to care for. Equally important are the design aspects and the quality of the materials used. A coffee maker sits on the kitchen counter 365 days of the year. It should look great and compliment any kitchen. We offer high quality, finely engineered products that deliver superior performance with utmost convenience and reliability.

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User comments on specific Capresso items are listed with the individual product.

People and Attitudes Make a Difference!
Once you own a Capresso or Jura-Capresso product we want to make sure that you feel completely comfortable about your decision. We’re happy to share with you some of the comments we received from customers who dealt with our customer service department.

"Capresso has top-of-line customer service. Real people answer the customer service phones and are very knowledgeable about the products and parts. Parts ordered were delivered very quickly and a confirmation follow-up phone call was even received. It's just a wonderful thing to know that you are dealing with real people who care. As long as your service remains so high, I will always be a loyal customer. I even bought three coffee makers as Christmas gifts for friends this year!"
K.H., MD

“I LOVE YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE. I had a problem with my Impressa S7 Avantgarde not making the proper amount of coffee (making 6-7 ounces instead of the 8 ounces it was programmed for). The wonderful customer service woman today, August 5th at 1:30PM EDT
walked me through the steps to fix the problem and explained in detail what was happening and why. Also tips on how to fix the problem in the future if it happens again. I LOVE YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
R.N., TX

“Thank you. This is one of the first times I have received a direct and informative answer to any online customer service question I have asked. Thank you, again.”
L.F., WA

“I want to applaud your customer service. It is 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning and I was able to get a minor problem solved regarding my Impressa F9. Not only do I love the coffee machine and the taste of the coffee it makes, I like the accessibility of the customer service and the prompt answers when I have a question. It is refreshing to be able to actually talk to a representative on a timely basis. Thanks again.”

“I just want to say that I have had your products for about 4-5 years now - and I am 100% pleased with your reliability AND the way you stand behind your product. It is so convenient to have a good cup of coffee at home - and I am thrilled with it everyday. What I also love about your company is that your customer service is outstanding. Whenever I have had a problem or question, your people are ALWAYS willing to provide an answer, as needed. Just thought I'd praise is due where praise is earned.”
G.H.; MN

“I wanted to thank you for a wonderful customer service experience. I called two weeks ago about a problem and spoke to Norma. My coffeemaker which we love was not brewing completely leaving water at the bottom of the intake tank. Most of our experiences with major companies involving warranty issues are unpleasant and start with 'what we did wrong' and end with 'prove to us the product is still under warranty'. Most of the time we don't feel like we are a loyal, valued customer at the end. Our experience with Capresso was exactly the opposite. Norma asked a few simple questions, trusted me to provide honest answers and issued a call tag for the coffeemaker. I was very impressed. What kind of company treats its customers with respect these days? Clearly, Capresso. This got me thinking- if the people are this good, the product must be fabulous. So I dragged out the owners manual again and reread it. After considering the section on 'decalcifying', I thought it couldn't hurt to run the process a few more times. On the third try, a large chunk of calcium dislodged. And guess what- that solved the problem.... We've been using the coffeemaker for the last week and it's working perfectly so we won't be returning it for service. And that's thanks to your great customer service. We'll be loyal Capresso customers for many years to come.”
N.F., PA

“My Point of contact at Capresso was Maura and I would like to document the following: 1) I was treated very professionally by Maura and all other personnel in customer service during this procedure. 2) I have received my machine and am very pleased with it at this point. At a time in our country when I mostly refer to "Customer Service" as "No Customer Service"; it is very refreshing to find a company where it is obviously your aim to provide the best service available to your customers. Based on the way that I was treated, I would certainly recommend your company and products with enthusiasm.”
J.B., GA

"I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your service. There wasn't a single hassle in dealing with your company. My warranty was honored with no questions asked and your customer service reps were extremely friendly. Thank you so much for the wonderful service. On a scale from 1 to 10, I rate your company and products a 20!"
C.S., CA

"I absolutely had to take a moment to...write you my thoughts. Quite honestly, I am so completely impressed with your company - I am at a lack of words. The quality of your product is superb...and the fact that your company backs their products; you’ve restored my faith in businesses."
D.L., FL

"If a customer service rep can destroy or promote a company’s image, your company should take off like a missile..."
K.L., SC

"Your company should be used as a model for other consumer product companies as an example of customer service."
F.B., NY

"I just want to say how happy I am, every time I make a cup of coffee brewed by your machine. I purchased your machine about 6 months ago. I had a slight problem with it(probably was just me). Sent it off to you and in a week's time I had it back good as new again!! In these days, it great to do business with a company that performs to the letter of their warranty! Your actions have created a customer for life, and my hat is off to your company for that!"
A.O., KY

"We sent in our Capresso Ultima for repair and you guys did a great job. It was only out of my house 10 days counting the weekend. It works like brand new. Can't thank you enough, and tell you how easy you were to work with on this. My machine was not on warranty any longer and I was shocked at how little it cost for the repair, plus you paid the postage both directions. I love my Capresso, and am so impressed with your service now. Yes, I am a satisfied customer, and will brag about my machine and your service more than I already have."

"Great customer service. I made a call to your service area which was quickly returned. My problem was resolved immediately. Usually it seems as if numerous attempts need to be made to solve the simplest problem. As often as I see poor service and complain, I thought I should take the time to point out a positive experience."
L.A., VA

"I did not know where I should direct this feedback but felt it important to pass along. I manage a support team for a software developer so I understand the value of customer satisfaction. I also know that it is seldom the team receives positive feedback. I was absolutely thrilled with the level of customer service and excellent attention my problem received. I made the contact thinking the experience would probably result in disappointment but was clearly wrong....and it was refreshing! The experience was efficient and very FAST. I love my coffee maker and was so glad I didn't have to live without it long. Thanks for a great experience!"
A.K., NC

"I called Customer Service a couple of weeks ago because I was having trouble with coffee coming out of the nozzles on my Ultima slowly. I wanted to write and tell you how excellent your customer service rep was. Unfortunately, I didn't write his name down, so can't remember who I spoke to! He very patiently talked me through cleaning the machine (something I should have been doing, obviously). At no time did he act annoyed -- even though it was my fault the machine wasn't working properly. The machine is now working perfectly. As I'm sure you know, customer service today is practically nonexistent and it was such a pleasure to speak to someone who actually provided excellent service. I hope if you can't determine who I spoke to that you will let the reps know that I appreciated the service. Based on my experience with this call I will always buy Capresso."
S.P., CO

"Just wanted to let you know that Heather (last name unknown) was very pleasant in resolving my repair order.
M.D., GA

"Thank You doesn’t seem like a strong enough statement for how I feel about you guys, the performance far exceeded my expectations."
M.C., FL

"In this day and age, most companies take their customers for granted -- you and the entire Capresso management team should feel proud that your organization operates in a manner which bucks this unfortunate trend."
C.K., PA

"How refreshing to get a personal response to my registration card and comments... I will certainly recommend your product."
J.F., SC

"Congratulations on your customer service! I left a message today and received a call back within the hour. In the meantime I had ordered the spare part I needed using the web site (also easy). Your product (Burr Grinder #551) also works great Thank You.
T.N., NY

"I spoke to one of your customer service people today and she was a delight. Not only did she help me with the problem I had, but she did it in such a wonderful way I did not get her name, but she made me even happier I purchased one of your products the Ultima. Thanks again for having a great staff of support people, it is really refreshing, and work with Capresso personnel."
E.A., NJ

"I am a longtime Capresso fanatic. Yours are the only products that I will purchase for great coffee. Recently my CoffeeTec was leaking from under the water dispenser. I sent the maker to you for repair and I believe a new base unit was returned to me. Your company is without a doubt the best company to do business with and the bonus is the products are great too!! You have my undying loyalty along with the loyalty of my parents, my kids, some of our friends and anyone else I can convince to try your products. Thanks for being you!!"
C.C., AZ

"I want to commend Colleen at your Customer Service Center who was extremely professional, polite and helpful with my request for a replacement drip stopper. As I told Colleen, I don't mind spending the extra dollar when I know that I will get such superb service. Please let this young lady know that she is an outstanding representative for you."
M.P., PA

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